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***CERTIFIED E-WASTE (FREE RECYCLING $0 FEES)  ( All Types, Any Condition, Any Quantity)***

  • TVs, Monitors, PC, Laptops,Tablets * Networking Gear * Game Consoles * PC Parts * Business Phone Equipment * IPhone * Cable-boxes * Smartphones * iPad * Cell phones * Laptop&Cell Phone Batteries * Wire/Cables/Adaptors * Memory * Harddrives * Ups/apc *  Green boards * power supplies * virgin toners

***HOUSEHOLD E-WASTE ( SMALL ITEMS - $5/Item or $20/Box FEE)***


Household Appliances like hairdryer, fan, heater, coffee maker, rice cookers 

Office Room Devices like shredders, 3 toner cartridges, small printers, fax

Entertainment Room Devices like VCR, DVD, Stereo, Box of Tapes, amplifier 






$20 -Vacuum Cleaners, Microwaves, Large Wooden Speaker, Bar Fridge, Water Coolers, Large Office Printers, Ziplock of Rechargable batteries, Onsite HD Destruction(1-3), DLP TV    

$40 - Laundry Appliances, Dish Washer, Lawn Mowers, Stove, AC Unit, Lawn Mower  

 $60 - Regular Copiers, Server Racks, Water Heater, Regular Fridge, Solar Panel 3x5, Wood Consoles, Server Racks

 $100 - Big Kitchen Appliance, Large Copiers under 150lbs, Treadmill, Exercise Machines